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Psychology - http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products/SKU-000133144/Psychology-of-Arab-Management-Thinking.aspx 

A Cry For Help! - http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products/SKU-000142695/A-Cry-For-Help.aspx 

Book 03  –  Arab Management: Reality or Myth? - www.createspace.com/4960056
Book 04 – The Arab Manager! The Call! - www.createspace.com/5083875 - Replaces Book Two!

Book 5 - The Arab Manager: Psychology, Outlook and Thinking! - Replaces Book One - www.createspace.com/5246843 

Book 6 -  Arab Management: Complexities, Context and Perspectives! - www.createspace.com/5430498 

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